» Paper submission will be made via congress website paper collection system, www.irupec2019.org . Regardless of the system, abstracts sent by e-mail and mail will not be accepted.
» The papers to be presented in the congress should be in the form of experimental studies, clinical studies and original case presentations, and should be capable of contributing to scientific development and should give a result message.

• Because abstracts sent over the internet will be printed in the same way, spelling mistakes should be taken into consideration.
• Authors are responsible for all typographical errors.
• Papers will be accepted in the Oral and Poster categories on the congress website. Papers that are not presented at the congress even though they are included in the program or whose abstract is not submitted on time will not be published.
• Abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Board, acceptance or rejection letters and presentation format (oral / poster) will be submitted to the applicants by November 1, 2019 and will be announced on the official website of the congress.

Abstract Submission Deadline: November 1, 2019

In order to complete the congress registration process, Nutuva Organization must be notified of the registration request and the registration fee must be deposited to the bank account number specified. Please refer to the Registration and Accommodation section of our website for detailed information about registration. Participants whose papers have been accepted must complete their registration by November 18, 2019

Writing Rules
1. Abstracts will be collected via online abstracts system.
2. Academic titles should not be used in author names.
3. Names should be written in lower case with only the first letter uppercase. All surnames will be capitalized. Example: Mehmet KÜÇÜK
4. The names and addresses of the institutions that the authors work for must be indicated. Ex: Xxxx University Faculty of Medicine, Xxxx Department, Konya
5. Only the first letter of the abstract title should be capitalized. (Abbreviations are exceptions.)
6. The title should be descriptive and understandable and preferably not exceed 30 words.
7. If abbreviations are used in the abstract, the full name of the abbreviation should be indicated in parentheses.
8. The purpose of the study and the methods used should be briefly summarized, the findings should be summarized with sufficient numerical details and the results should be explained within the framework of the presented findings.
9. Summary; It should be written with the aim, method, findings and conclusion titles.
10. Abstracts should be submitted online in Turkish or English using the paper system.
11. The abstract should not exceed 300 words except the title, author's name and surname.
12. The typeface used for sending papers is automatically standardized by the system for all papers, and it is not possible to use different fonts.
13. International standard abbreviations may be used in the text. If there is a special abbreviation, the full opening of the abbreviation should be written by opening the parenthesis in the first place.
14. 2 tables and 2 graphics can be added to the abstracts.
15. Abstracts submitted should not contain references and reference numbers.
16. Researchers who wish to publish their full paper should submit their full-text paper of 1500 words by 18 November 2019 in ENGLISH.
17. Abstracts will be published as an abstract or in full text in the 2019 supplement of the Journal of Pediatric Practice and Research, which is published electronically.
18. Full text papers must be prepared according to the Pediatric Practice and Research Journal Writing Guidelines.
19. It is recommended that you carefully check your paper before sending it. The abstracts sent via the online notification module will be converted into digital books in the same way. Authors are responsible for all typographical errors.
20. After you complete your submission, you will receive an automatic email confirming your successful submission. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact the Congress Secretariat at irupec.org.

Abstracts that do not comply with any of these clauses will be excluded from the evaluation regardless of their content.
Full Text Upload Deadline for Accepted Papers: November 18, 2019

1. Since abstracts sent over the internet will be printed in the same way, spelling mistakes should be taken into consideration
2. Keep confirmation messages that will be sent to your e-mail address after your abstract submission.

Evaluation of Papers
» The evaluation will be conducted by the Proceedings Committee by keeping the names / surnames and institutions of researchers confidential. In order for the paper to be evaluated, the participant must complete the registration of the congress by November 18, 2019 at the latest.
» The Scientific Committee has the right to change the verbal or poster presentations and to make decisions. The result of the evaluation will be sent to all notices as final results, and we strongly advise that they pay attention to the final decision on how their presentations will be. Accepted papers will also be announced on the website.

AWARDS AND DOCUMENTS are will be given to the works which are ranked in the field for oral and poster presentations.

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