Main Topics


» Management of febrile infants
» Pediatric pneumonia
» Antibiotic resistance
» Type 1 diabetes
» Type II Diabetes in Children
» Obesity and undernutrition problems in pediatric age group
» What you need to know about urine in children
» Hypertension in childhood
» Macrophage activation syndrome
» Pediatric & Neonatal Sepsis and Septic Shock
» Stem cell treatment in pediatric problems.
» Omics in pediatrics
» Microbiome and dysbiosis in pediatric health problems.
» Antibiotic allergy
» Management of cow's milk allergy
» Management of children with food allergy
» Management of respiratory distress syndrome and transient
tachypnea of newborn.
» Ultrasound for diagnosis of acute lung and intestinal
problems in newborns.
» Changing trends in management of patent ductus arteriosus
» Child and adolescent global health challenges
» Innovation and improving child health outcomes in developing World
» Social media benefits and risks for children and adolescents
» Update on newborn screening?
» New vaccines and controversies


» Biostatistics course
» Child nutrition course
» Pediatric advanced life support course
» The emergency neurological life support course
» Workshop in neonatal hemodynamics

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